Ramadan 2022

Thousands of Muslims around the UAE will fast during the day from the beginning of April to the beginning of May to commemorate Ramadan, with many, like me, doing so while working.

In Islamic culture, Ramadan is the holiest month. It’s a month dedicated to spiritual discipline and a reminder of the things we should be grateful for but sometimes overlook (like food and water). It’s a month to continue to develop good habits, to be nice, and be giving.

Fasting has been protracted throughout the summer months for the past few years, with an average fasting day of 14-16 hours. This year’s fasts will last around 14 hours (without food or drink, that includes water). The morning meal will be served before daybreak, marking the beginning of the fast, which will last until sundown.

Working for many Muslims might be difficult due to the mix of long hours and hot days. Fasting should not prevent you from doing your job. Fasting coworkers may feel exhausted or lack energy throughout the day during Ramadan, with the first ten days being the most difficult.

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